Sarah Hall, photo credit: Richard Thwaites  


Sex & Death

'An exquisite new collection, Sex and Death: Stories, edited by Sarah Hall and Peter Hobbs, shines a light into these dark corners of our psyches.'
- The Star

Sex & Death
Sarah Hall, Peter Hobbs

Publication date: September 2016

A collection of short stories edited by Sarah Hall and Peter Hobbs featuring Ali Smith, Ben Marcus and Kevin Barry

How we come in, and how we go out, sex and death: these are the governing drives, our two greatest themes. In this provocative, haunting, and sexy collection of short stories, a group of acclaimed writers from across the globe probes the nature of, and connection between, two of the most powerful, exhilarating, and terrifying forces that define and shape the human experience: sex and death.

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Radio Interview with Peter Hobbs:

Sex & Death

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